Into the Darkness


Snow has fallen in Toronto.  It was one of those snows where it was only a couple of degrees away from rain, but then the temperature dropped another ten degrees Celsius and all that soft fluffy snow got crunchy and crisp – more like crumbly ice than soft fluffiness. In optimism I left my bike […]

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So it’s been over a week since I decided to utterly change my approach to the internet and it’s going pretty well, I would say.  I still need to define what I’m doing a little better.  When there are no clear rules or boundaries it is much easier to move them and to compromise. Wednesday was […]

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Old Year’s Resolution


There’s no time like the present as they say.  Well, it’s not even December, let alone January and I’ve decided to make a change.  It’s a change that I’ve attempted to make before and have lost my resolution.  You might say given up, but to give up implies that you actually make a decision to […]

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