The Common Search

I was biking home the other night and I passed a woman on her bike and as I passed I could hear shouting coming from up the street, and as I continued on it became clear that the shouting was directed at this young woman.  As the words of the shouting became understandable, I was […]

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Finding Truth


I’v got into this bad habit of starting a post and working on it for so long that it becomes irrelevant.  I’ve got a half finished post on the Donald Trump election that is now a week old and probably not worth posting anymore. I still don’t know what to think of the whole thing. […]

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What’s Right?

I wrote this in the morning before numbers started coming in.  As I post this it looks like Donald could pull it out.  It’s certainly going to be close, but I wanted to post this.  It’s a pretty scattered post, but I think I need to post the bad ones sometimes in order to get […]

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Looking Up


I started writing my last post a week ago and have been sitting on it – mostly done – since the weekend.  I wanted to get a good drawing on it.  I’m often able to let little things like that delay my work. I probably would have published the post a lot sooner except that […]

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Spread the Joy


I think about Richard Dawkins sometimes.  Do you ever think about Richard Dawkins?  Sometimes when I’m thinking about God and about faith, I think about the people out there who think I’m utterly idiotic and perhaps even dangerous for believing in God.  Sometimes I imagine having a debate with Richard Dawkins, and I imagine how […]

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