Lent Day 21 – (18 for me)

I feel good pretty good today – aside from being tired.  I finished my post last night and went to bed without watching any political videos on Youtube.  That’s kind of a hollow victory because I’ve been following the Trump situation voraciously on twitter.  I don’t have a twitter account, but if you know who […]

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Lent – Day 6

I’m leading worship at my church this week which means that I need to plan out the songs that we’ll be singing, send them in to the church office so they can do their thing (we project the words to the songs onto a big screen, so they need to have all the words along […]

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So it’s been over a week since I decided to utterly change my approach to the internet and it’s going pretty well, I would say.  I still need to define what I’m doing a little better.  When there are no clear rules or boundaries it is much easier to move them and to compromise. Wednesday was […]

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Old Year’s Resolution


There’s no time like the present as they say.  Well, it’s not even December, let alone January and I’ve decided to make a change.  It’s a change that I’ve attempted to make before and have lost my resolution.  You might say given up, but to give up implies that you actually make a decision to […]

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Principled Shave

I have a beard right now. I didn’t plan for this.  After the first few days when it looked like maybe I wasn’t just being lazy I would tell people that I wasn’t growing a beard and that I would shave it soon…but I haven’t. My beard is scratchy and my wife doesn’t like it […]

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