Lent Day 26 – (22 for me)

I’m still thinking through what I wrote last night.  I’m not ready to make any grand commitments, but I’m thinking about it.  It’s Thursday morning and I’m up early (not as early as my alarm was set, but early) and I’m writing.  I feel so much better than two days ago and it appears that the chest cough which appeared to be brewing will not take hold.  Thank you God!

It is officially Spring now, and it certainly feels like it here in Toronto.  I fully expect that we are past the point of having another last gasp snow storm.  It’s always possible that it could snow in April, but nothing to be concerned about.  It was 7 degrees the last two mornings and I toyed with biking to work in shorts.  A big part of that consideration is that the pants I had been biking in through the winter now have such a big rip in the seat that it’s too obvious for me to wear to work, even if I change immediately upon arrival.  Sometimes it’s possible to wear a pair of pants with a rip between the legs because it’s so small that people can’t see it when you’re walking around.

But the rip has grown and I need something new to bike in.  So, while I experimented, I felt that 7 degrees was too cold and I put my leggings on.  I suppose I could wear leggings on their own, but I just don’t like that.  It feels undignified.  I know that many people do this and it is generally accepted as an acceptable form of clothing, but I do not enjoy wearing them on their own so I pull my shorts on over top.  It makes me feel like a member of Pearl Jam or some other grunge band circa 1991, so that’s kind of cool…for a forty year old guy with a family who works as a civil servant…I change when I get to work.

But anyway, it really is feeling like Spring, and I like that.  I was thinking how in September when it feels like the summer has ended, it is easy to lament the shortness of summer, but right at this moment I feel like we are beginning the long slow approach to summer, and I for one am going to savour it.  The weather is still lovely at the end of September so that’s six months to look forward to.

I know that there will likely be a lot of rain in April and I will forget about the feeling of -5 degree weather and I will look ahead longingly to the mid to high-teens, but the days are getting longer and there’s that hint of the sweet smell of Spring approaching us.  I feel like there’s hope to be found in the very air.

Even in January, I hold on to the fact that the days are getting slightly longer day by day.  It’s a slow progression in that cold dark month, but it’s a steady one, and now that we’re in the rapid growth, is so much easier to get excited – at least for me.

…and the day goes by.

It’s night now.  I’m just finishing this up so I can go to bed.  It’s amazing how much things can change over the course of a day.  Since I wrote what I wrote this morning, the temperature has dropped and it’s snowed all evening.

I also feel worse and I stayed up too late.  I was sitting here getting my music ready for Sunday when I got distracted by some other things.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.  I finally went up to bed…(it was chess problems – I was doing some chess problems) and I realized I didn’t finish this post.  Then it’s palm to face and I have to shake my head.

I haven’t hit my ceiling yet.  I think I have a ways to go.  Spring is certainly coming, but sometimes it’s seven degrees forward and five degrees back.


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