Welcome Delay


I just took a look outside this morning and saw that most of the pavement outside is dry.  There is still the reflected shine of water on the streets, but all that water that fell yesterday and last night has dried up.  The wind has been blowing through the night, rattling our windows ever so […]

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Into the Darkness


Snow has fallen in Toronto.  It was one of those snows where it was only a couple of degrees away from rain, but then the temperature dropped another ten degrees Celsius and all that soft fluffy snow got crunchy and crisp – more like crumbly ice than soft fluffiness. In optimism I left my bike […]

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Reversal of Forecast

It rained all day on Saturday here.  It’s January 11th today and it really ought to be the kind of weather for skating and tobogganing but instead it was raining and about six degrees above freezing. I was excited.  The rain was taking care of all the ice and snow that was left on the […]

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I was able to ride my bike this year well into December.  On Christmas Eve I biked to work in a sweatshirt.  It was wonderful.  I know that shifting weather patterns and unusual seasonal swings are reason for concern, but I have to confess that when they work in my favour, I really enjoy them. […]

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